PhiBrows Artist Blade U18

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  • مناسب برای: مایکروبلیدینگ و خطوط یو یونیورسال هولدر
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PhiBrows sterile #18 Blade – U shaped, used for microblading. Individually wrapped, one-time use, disposable blade. Sterile packaged.

This blade consists  fine, single needles arranged closely to each other, in a way that creates U-shaped row. Due to its shape, this blade is perfect for drawing curvy hairs, and is often  the top choice by  microblading artists because of effect it creates.

Sold in convenient box of  50 blades. Only suitable for UNIVERSAL HOLDER.

Diameter: 0,2 mm

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مایکروبلیدینگ و خطوط یو
یونیورسال هولدر


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